Dr. Hillel Trope, Medical Director

Being a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician for the past 17 years has shown me the interventional aspect of traditional medicine. Treating patients with acute disease and intervening at the highest level of care was my life. Having been the Assistant Director at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson for 13 years, and working in multiple facilities on Long Island including Saint Catherine’s, Southside Hospital, Saint Joseph’s Hospital, South Nassau Communities Medical Center, Long Beach Memorial Hospital and currently as the Medical Director of multiple ambulance companies, I have seen patients, that if directed, disease could have been prevented.

My primary passion is now Prevention and Wellness to improve the body and mind as a whole; To stop disease before it starts, which combines multiple disciplines that I am proud to be a part of. Combinations of natural pain control, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutrition and Weight Loss, and IV Vitamin Therapy to name a few. The overall health and happiness of an individual is a combination of many natural qualities that we all possess, yet just need to be exposed.

The promise I make to my patients when they step into my office is to offer respect, competence, and dedication. With an empathetic, understanding and loving staff, I will continue to enhance each and every one of your lives, naturally and wholeheartedly.

Dana Debono, Director of Operations

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the suburbs of Long Island. My diversified life as an educator coupled with my training in Physician Assistant studies has helped fuel my already existent passion for life, wellness and humanity.

I have worked as a Physician Assistant since 2013 in the Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine arena. In addition, I became enamored with the practice of holistic pain management. On Long Island specifically, and around the globe we are dealing with an opioid and drug abuse epidemic. it gives me great pleasure to be able to treat pain holistically, by helping my patients avoid narcotics and steroids.

My experience thus far as a practitioner has ignited a spark within me to do my very best to help prevent disease, and provide individualized personal care to my patients.

The upmost important aspect for me being a Physician Assistant has been taking the time to really learn about my patients, and to become an integrated part of their lives, which allows for personalized care.

Lastly, for myself and for my patients, I promise I will channel every effort into positively impacting the care I deliver to all of you. I believe everyone should have the tools to live life to its fullest, and I have and will continue dedicating my life sharing these tools with others.