About Us

For years, the practice of interventional medicine was the primary focus of my practice. Treating disease at its worst which retrospectively, often could have been prevented. After almost 20 years of orthodox traditional medicine, the prevention of disease and overall health and wellness of the patient is now my and my staff’s primary focus.


Conceptually, it’s a remarkable epiphany to realize that disease can be treated holistically and actually prevented.


Here at Holistic Medical Wellness, we believe in nurturing the body and mind to its fullest with a combination of preventative measures that eases  the mind and enhances the body.


 From Non Naroctic, Non steroidal Pain Management to Nutrition and Diet. From Hormone Replacement Therapy to Massage Therapy and  IV Vitamin Therapy to aesthetic procedures which increases the confidence of a patient. All these Disciplines work in conjunction with a common goal. To increase the Health, Wellness, Confidence of a patient in order to deter disease so we all live a heathy and happy lifestyle.


 Every single one of us deserve it and we will do our best to achieve that goal with every patient that walks through our door with respect, kindness, empathy and patience.